For How Long Should You Register Your Domain

When purchasing a domain, you are granted the option of choosing the length of time you want to buy it for. You can register your domain for a year, 2 years, 5 years, 10 years or select the auto renewal option.

Every choice has its pros and cons. A one-year registration is cheap, but if you forget to renew your registration and end up losing your domain name, it can cost you a lot. On the other hand, a ten-year registration shackles you to one registrar, and if they or you go out of business, you end up paying for more years than you need.

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Advantages of short-term registration

  • It is easier to track down the details of a domain, as the login information to your domain registrar’s account, if it is a year old or two
  • You can take advantage of the downward pressure on domain name pricing
  • You will be more likely to remember to check emails from registrar and avoid accidental expiry

Benefits of long-term registration

  • You lower the chances of forgetting to renew your domain since you don’t have to do it every year
  • You might get a discount

Different experts have varying opinions on how long you should register your domains. However, various registration periods favor different businesses.

Here’s a breakdown of the most common registration plans and what each may mean for your business.

1-year plan

The price tag for 1-year registration favors those with limited budgets, startups in the experimental stage and those who want an additional domain to add to their collection. It is standard among small businesses, bloggers, and private individuals.

A business that looks like it does not intend to be around for more than a year shows the lack of seriousness and commitment. Hosts providers and potential business avoid such companies.

2-year plan

From an SEO perspective, 2 years should be the minimum registration length you should subscribe to. It is the standard policy among more established online businesses.

5-year plan

This plan is a good middle ground between 1 and 10 years. It shows commitment.

10-year plan

The 10-year plan is indicative of a business that intends to be in business for a long time. Some people regard this level of commitment as stupid sighting reasons like possible dissatisfaction with their registrar in the future or possibility of a drop in prices of domain names. It is, however, argued that such “permanent” businesses rank higher on search engines compared to the “temporary” ones. 

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